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The best way to gain all the benefits we offer including CPD Accredited online training, downloadable resources, exclusive discounts and weekday telephone support. For all pre-registered and registered childminders.

What’s included?

Everything you’ll need to provide the best childcare.

Common questions

Do my online courses get updated when things change or do I have to buy them again?

All training and resources are updated as and when required. Members are automatically given the updated version in their Dashboard

Can I cancel my monthly membership part way through the year?

No - the option to pay monthly is purely an option to spread the cost over the year via 12 equal payments. This is clearly stated in terms and conditions.

Can I choose which date my monthly payments are made?

If you choose to pay monthly, your payments will be taken each month on the same date as you sign up for Annual Membership. Childminding UK can change this payment date if needed.

How do I renew my membership?

Membership automatically renews each year unless you set it to not renew in your Dashboard. You will receive 4 reminder emails in the month before the renewal date.

I’m trying to access my membership training and resources - why is the shop trying to charge me?

Your Membership training and resources sit in your Dashboard. To access your Dashboard, log into any page on our website using your email address and password. Then simply click on either ‘training’ or ‘resources’ in the left hand menu to access. The only time you would need to visit the shop is if you are buying a Virtual training event, face to face training, or a physical document such as the EYFS.

How do I find and use my Membership Discounts?

Log into your Dashboard and in the left hand menu click ‘discounts’. Click on the individual discounts to see further information and how to access your discounted price.

Can I personalise my downloadable resources?

For many of our documents, it is important for you to amend to suit your own childminder setting. For this reason these are provided in Word format. This also allows you to include your own logo/business name or the ‘Professional Member of Childminding UK’ logo in the member benefits section of your Dashboard. If you have a work email address or work website or Facebook page, why not consider adding your Membership logo to these too?

Princess Royal Training Award Standard 2022

Online training

Annual members recieve access to over £250 of online training including:

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Member discounts

Annual members can access personal and professional discounts specifically for childminders including:

And discounts on toys and books, days out, holidays, business resources and more.

All resources

Annual members recieve access to all our downloadable resources including:

And over 180 more! Visit our shop to see all the resources you’ll have access to.