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Childminder Assistant Training Plan - Record


Ongoing training is an important part of childminding for all adults who work in the setting because it ensures that you all keep up to date and continue to learn new information that can enhance your childminding service for children and their parents/carers.

As a Registered Childminder who employs others, it is your responsibility to ensure that your staff have the skills and knowledge that they need in order to carry out their role effectively. You should be holding regular supervision meetings with your staff where ongoing training is discussed, with both parties being able to suggest/request training.

This easy to use downloadable training plan/record can support those discussions and help you both track training that they need or that you would like them to do. You can also use it to record any training that you attend and then feedback to your staff team. It can also help you plan the order in which they complete online training you provide with their Assistants Annual Membership.

This downloadable resource is included in Annual Membership