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SEND Early Indicators

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This training focuses on providing you with practical ideas, strategies and resources that you can use to support and extend your observations and play with a child, to help in identifying need


About this module

We are delighted that Ellie Collar agreed to partner with Childminding UK to produce this training module.

'We track our children’s progress all the time'

We do it by observation, by interaction, by playing with them day by day, and by the formal recording and tracking that we do of their progress. As childcare practitioners we have a responsibility to do all that we can to ensure our children’s success in our care and in their development, and to identify and support any additional needs they may have.

Tracking documents can be general in a way that doesn’t show up smaller delays so easily, and often it is the observations and the subtle characteristics of play, communication, interaction and the relationship with the child that first clues or concerns for a practitioner that their child may have a need for additional support.

Topics covered

  • The difference between an action or behaviour- Intensity, Frequency, Duration
  • Common early warning signs
  • Observing and playing with a child
  • Levels of Involvement
  • Purposes of Communication
  • Imaginative play
  • Social Communication
  • Sensory avoidance or sensory seeking
  • Behaviour and emotional development
  • The Law and the Context
  • Identifying needs: Bringing it all together

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This module is available for you to re-visit as many times as you need and unlike some online courses, there is no limit to how many times you can retake the Knowledge Test at the end of the course.

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