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EYFS Audit and Environment Checklist Pack

Contains 10 resources Included in membership

A complete set of checklists to help you self reflect on how you are implementing ALL areas of the EYFS


About this pack

If you are registered on the Early Years Register you should regularly evaluate the quality of your provision and identify areas of improvement. There is no specific way that you need to do this. Ofsted may ask you about self-reflection - how you identified improvements that you can make and what you did to improve. You may wish to make a note of examples of significant changes you have made, how you identified them and the impact of those changes on the children you care for.

We have produced easy to use checklists that will guide you through the Safeguarding and Welfare requirements of the EYFS and each of the 7 areas of learning to assess the learning environment you offer. The environment is widely recognised as being the third teacher in Reggio Emilia. 'The layout of the environment promotes relationships, communication, collaboration, and exploration through play. Materials are thoughtfully added to the environment to promote creativity, thinking and problem solving skills, questions, experimentation and open-ended play.'

Taking care with the environment you provide for minded children can make a huge difference.

This pack includes all 9 of our EYFS Checklists/Audits: (Safeguarding and Welfare Checklist normally £10, Learning Environment Checklists normally £3.50 each)

Topics covered

  • Safeguarding and Welfare Checklist
  • Physical Development Environment Checklist
  • PSED Environment Checklist
  • Communication Environment Checklist
  • Maths Environment Checklist
  • Literacy Environment Checklist
  • Expressive Arts and Design Environment Checklist
  • Understanding the World Environment Checklist
  • Behaviour Environment Checklist

This pack contains 10 resources: