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Understanding Children's Behaviour

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All Behaviour is communication. Understanding and responding to children’s behaviour can be a challenging part of working with children.


About this module

We must learn to understand the reasons for childrens behaviour and what the child may be telling us in order to effectively help the child learn the behaviour rules

Just tackling unwanted behaviour will only eliminate that instance of unwanted behaviour on that day - but understanding the reasons for the behaviour can help change behaviour in the longer term.

This online course has been produced as an aid to anyone who works with children, whether you are a childminder working alone or employing others, or if you work in a larger group setting.

Topics covered

  • Understanding Behaviour
  • Primary and Secondary Behaviours
  • Biological Factors - The Brain
  • The Unique Child
  • Causes of Behaviours
  • The Role of the Adult
  • Other Factors that can Affect Behaviour

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