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Parental Responsibility Evidence Pack

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It is a requirement of the GDPR that only parents/carers who hold Parental Responsibility for the child can give consent - this includes consent for the childminder to hold and process information about the child.


About this pack

The GDPR also requires that reasonable efforts are made to verify that the person giving consent does, in fact, hold parental responsibility for the child.

It is good practice to keep a record of the evidence that you have seen for this. This means that parents will have to show you documents that prove they do hold Parental Responsibility.

This pack will enable you to fully meet this requirement and record the documents you have seen from the list provided.

Topics covered

  • Parental Responsibility Guide
  • Parental Responsibility Evidence Form

This pack contains 3 resources:


GDPR Parental Responsibility Evidence Form

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Parental Responsibility Evidence Pack – Introduction and Contents

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