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Self-Reflection Record Form

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Self-reflection purely means that you think about all that you do, identify areas where improvements can be made and put those improvements in place


About this resource

Self-reflection is an important part of any childcare practitioner’s role.

It is important to keep reflecting and see what effects the changes have had. Self-reflection should be happening all the time in your childminding work.

On inspection, you will need to give examples of your self-reflective practice. This can be done purely through conversation. You can tell the inspector of the improvements you have made, how those improvements came about and how they have benefitted the children/parents/your setting.

There is no requirement for a written record, but the length of time between Ofsted inspections can be as much as 6 years meaning you will need to have a very good memory to be able to recall all the significant changes you have made since your last inspection!

This self-reflection record is a simple tool that will enable you to make a note of the important changes you have made to your childminding practice, the reason why you made them and the benefits they have had.

You can either show this to Ofsted or you can use it to remind you of things that you would like to tell the inspector.


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