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Engaging and Supporting Boys to Reach Full Potential

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This course has been written to give an insight into the differences between girls and boys so you can help boys reach their full potential


About this module

All children have their own characteristics, interests and ways of learning and developing and it is important to have high aspirations for both girls and boys.

Girls continue to out-perform boys at all levels of education.

This course has been written to give an insight into the differences between girls and boys and why it is important to look at how we approach engaging and supporting boys to enable them to reach their full potential.

Topics covered

  • Why boys might underachieve
  • The brain - the difference between girls and boys
  • Gender identity
  • Unique child - not all boys will learn the same way
  • The importance of positive relationships
  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem
  • strategies to engage and motivate boys
  • Engaging boys in literacy
  • Boys and superhero play
This course has really opened my eyes to the differences between boys and girls. I will definitely be able to more fully cater for the boys in my care infuture Brenda

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