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Nutrition 1: Healthy Eating in the Early Years and Why it Matters

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Getting it right regarding healthy eating for our young children has never been more high profile. This training will show how good nutrition is a fundamental part of caring for children


About this module

This module covers key nutritional guidelines for all food groups. It also includes the differences between nutritional needs of children and adults. It then covers all you need to know about planning balanced menus and the portion sizes you should be providing.

There are 2 Nutrition modules available to you.

Nutrition 1 Healthy Eating in the Early Years-Why it Matters and Nutrition 2 Special Diets and Fussy Eaters

You should access both parts, although they can be completed in any order. Each module is £25 or you can buy both together by chosing the Nutrition 1 and 2 product in the shop for only £40.

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Topics covered

  • What is nutrition and how does it relate to early years children?
  • The nutritional requirements of babies and children under five
  • What is the difference between the nutritional needs of a child and an adult?
  • A little more about salt
  • Vitamin D requirements
  • Foods that are High in Fat, Salt and added Sugar
  • Complex and Simple Carbohydrates and Sugars
  • Amino Acids
  • Portion Sizes
  • Organic v Non Organic?
  • Menu Planning
Although I felt I knew about nutrition, doing a course that is specifically about young children has opened my eyes to lots more that I wasn't aware of Julie- Childminding UK Member

This module is included as part of:

Nutrition 1 and 2

CPD certified online training Contains 2 modules Included in membership £40.00

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