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Education Inspection Framework (EIF) Explained

Contains 3 modules Included in membership

Ofsted use the Education Inspection Framework when they inspect childminders and all early years provision


About this course

This course is designed to provide all the information you may need to know about the inspection itself and about the elements that Ofsted will look for that have a specific focus regarding your work with children.

The modules in this course are:

Understanding your Ofsted Inspection which explains all about the inspection process, what what happens before your inspection, how much notice you will be given, inspection grades and judgements and explain how Inspectors will gather the evidence they need from your setting. Finally it explains what happens after your inspection regarding your report and when Ofsted publish it.

Cultural Capital Cultural Capital is something we all have but each persons Cultural Capital is different to anyone else as it is about what we know and can do and have experiences of. Early years providers are expected to help build children's Cultural Capital through meaningful interactions, activities and experiences.

This module covers What is Cultural Capital and who thought of it? We give clear examples of Cultural Capital and how to support children to extend it. There is a huge importance of working with parents and this module explains how parents own Cultural Capital can help or hinder their child's Cultural Capital development. Finally it covers which elements of Cultural Capital Ofsted will consider and how it be covered in an Ofsted inspection.

Teaching and Learning in the Early Years (Pedagogy). Ofsted will be looking at how you create the activites and experiences you do to meet the requirements of the EYFS which is your curriculum. They will be particularly looking at, your Intent - what is it that you intend to do to help children learn and why have you made the decision to provide the activities and experiences you have planned? Your Implementation - How will you deliver the activities and experiences you have planned to meet the needs of specific children? and the Impact that your work with children has had- what have they learned? How do you know? Is it what you intended? What do you do next?

This module is intended to help you do understand what pedagogy is, and the common theories around pedagogy, and how secure attachments and knowing each child well is the key to successful planning to aid their learning and development.

Priced at £30 this course gives a saving of £5 based on the individual module prices

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This course contains 3 modules:

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