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Developing Children's Learning


Continuous Professional Development

This online module is CPD Accredited with the CPD Accreditation Service.

This CPD Accredited course covers information that you need to consider to fully help young children to develop their learning. It has been produced particularly for Registered Childminders in the UK but is also suitable for all other early year’s practitioners.

Firstly, the course looks at Child Development for children aged up to 12 years, including attachment theory and child mental health. It explains how child development norms and the EYFS link to enable you to plan suitable activities and experiences for the children in your care.

The course then explores equality, diversity and inclusion; explaining common terms that you will come across and giving some ideas of how to provide a positive inclusive environment for all children - as well as busting some common myths.

Lastly this course will cover play, which is the cornerstone for children's learning. Children learn best through well planned play that is aimed at meeting each child's individual needs. A sound knowledge and understanding of how children develop and learn can help with effective planning for individual children. It can help identify when a child is not developing as they should - which may mean extra help needs to be put in place. It can also help with managing behaviour as you will understand which behaviours are developmentally appropriate.

This course is one of the five modules included in the complete online introductory course but is also available to buy separately.

Childminding UK online training is available to you to either complete all at once or re-visit as many times as you need to depending on the time you have available. Unlike some online courses, there are no limits to how many times you can retake the Knowledge Test at the end of the course. Once successfully completed, you can print off your own named certificate for your record of ongoing professional development.

We will also send your name and email address along with details of this module to the CPD Accreditation Service who will email you your CPD Certificate showing the number of CPD hours you have earned. You can view their privacy statement on their website

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** How long do I have to complete this course?**

This module will be available for a year from date of purchase.