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Childminding Assistant Introductory Training Course


This course is a Level 3 CPD Accredited Course.

If you are thinking of employing an unqualified childminding assistant, you may find it useful to your childminding setting if they completed this Childminding Assistant Introductory Course.

Section 3.24 of the EYFS states that 'Childminders are accountable for the quality of the work of any assistants, and must be satisfied that assistants are competent in the areas of the work they undertake'.

Providing training for your childminding assistants is a good way of being able to evidence you are meeting this requirement.

This course consists of 3 modules. After completing each module, your asistant can download the module certificate. After completing all 3, they will be able to download their Childminding Assistants Introductory Training Course certificate.

Modules included:

  • Safeguarding Children - includes introduction to Prevent Duty, Child Sexual Exploitation and Female Genital Mutilation
  • Recording Children's Development - including observation and assessment
  • Developing Children's Learning - children's development, equality, diversity and inclusion and play

Childminding UK online training is available to either complete all at once or re-visit as many times as needed to depending on the time available. Unlike some online courses, there are no limits to how many times you can retake the Knowledge Test at the end of the course.

Please note that this course will not be sufficient to register as a childminder as childminders also need the Leading and Managing a Childminding Setting and Understanding and Working with the EYFS modules which are in our Childminder Introductory Training Course

** How long do I have to complete this course?**

This course will be available for a year from date of purchase.