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Play, Nurturing and Curiosity (Curiosity)

CPD certified online training Included in our Play, Nurturing and Curiosity Course course

This module has been provided by Award Winning Trainer Ben-Kingston Hughes of of Inspired Children.

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About this module

We are delighted to have worked with Ben to produce this high quality video training. Ben is passionate about how children's brain development affects their play, learning and development.

This module is part of the complete Play, Nurturing and Curiosity Course and takes learners into the fascinating world of Curiosity. The module take a detailed look at this essential function as an instinctive part of the human brain and shows that providing stimulating, curiosity filled environments has the most incredible impact on our children. Sitting still listening to a grown-up is the least effective form of learning and these modules look at how engaging real-world curiosity through active learning can literally change the shape of our children’s brains making them learn more and crucially making them want to learn more. The module also look at curiosity as a fundamental building block for creativity, innovation and problem solving as well as an integral aspect of a vibrant and joyful childhood. This is what learning should really be about!

Topics covered

  • What is curiosity?
  • Brain-deprived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF)
  • What makes us different from other animals?
  • Divergent thinking
  • Convergent thinking
  • The brain and an enriched environment
  • Flexibility and the child's environment
£15.00   (member price £4.00)
I loved it!!! …genuinely fun and playful and joyful…absolutely inspiring! One happy learner

This module is included as part of:

Play, Nurturing and Curiosity Course

CPD certified online training Contains 3 modules £35.00   (member price £10.00)

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