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Safeguarding and Inclusion

Children need to be cared for in a safe and secure environment in order to build strong relationships and develop the confidence needed to thrive. Carrying out Risk Assessessments is the key to ensuring that hazards are identified and reduced while in your home and out and about. You must have sound knowledge of Child Protection procedures that is refreshed every 2 years. The resources in this section will help you adopt procedures to keep children safe from harm, promote their personal, social and emotional development and reassure parents you are meeting their child's needs.

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Childminging Accidents, emergencies and medication

Accidents, emergencies and medication

Training and records for dealing with emergencies.

Childminging Food hygiene and allergens

Food hygiene and allergens

Whether you provide food or parents bring their child's food, you must know about Food Safety and Hygiene when Preparing storing and serving food and drink

Childminging Risk assessment

Risk assessment

Regular Risk Assessment of your setting and outings helps reduce the risk of accident and injury

Childminging Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Supporting children to feel happy and secure will provide the foundations for all other areas of learning

Childminging Child protection

Child protection

Children rely on being cared for by adults who will keep them safe from harm