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Understanding your Ofsted Inspection Virtual Training
Online session
Thu 11 Jul

Thursday 11 July 7:00pm—9:30pm

Discover the keys to success with our virtual course on the requirements for your Ofsted graded inspection to be held over zoom. Explore the elements that will allow you to achieve the highest standards in childcare and education and to ensure you are therefore meeting the requirements that Ofsted set for Early Education. Don't miss this chance to elevate your skills, validate your practice and grow your confidence whilst creating a brighter future for the children you serve. Enroll now and unlock your potential!

£35.00   (member price £25.00)

About this event

Imagine a world where your childminding setting shines with excellence.

In this interactive session led by Childminding UK Consultants, we'll cover everything related to Ofsted inspections, from the notification of your inspection date to receiving the inspection report. Our goal is to equip you with the necessary information for a successful inspection.

For those who are registered on the Early Years Register, Ofsted will conduct inspections on your childminding business. The first inspection typically occurs around 30 months after registration, followed by inspections approximately every six years, although interim visits may be scheduled as needed.

However, readiness for an Ofsted visit shouldn't be reserved solely for inspection due dates. Ofsted seeks to witness your everyday operations, emphasizing the importance of understanding and demonstrating inspection requirements. This knowledge not only aids in delivering an exceptional daily experience for the children in your care but will also bolster your confidence in your own practice.

Once you have booked your place on this course, your zoom link will be available in your dashboard under 'booked events'. This is the green button in the middle of your dashboard when you first log in.

You can access this training on any device. However, as we will be showing PowerPoint slides, you may find it easier to view on a bigger screen such as a PC, laptop or tablet if you have one available.

Topics covered

  • Government documents that will help you meet the standards required
  • Inspection grades and judgements
  • Planning your inspection
  • What happens on the day
  • Vocabulary explained
  • Documents that you will need on the day
  • What safeguarding information you need to hold
  • How inspectors gather evidence
  • How inspectors give you feedback
  • What your Inspection Report will look like
£35.00   (member price £25.00)
Having completed your training on the Ofsted Inspection, I feel so much more prepared now. I was really nervous but I can see now how to plan for it and how to demonstrate a normal day to the Inspector. Thank you so much for your help! Participant Feedback