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Foundations for Strong Development by Specialist, Ellie Collar - Tuesday 9th May 2023
Online session
Tue 9 May

Tuesday 09 May 7:00pm—9:00pm

This virtual training course will be delivered by SEND and early development teacher Ellie Collar and will examine the developmental delays being experienced by children post pandemic and what we can do to improve this

£35   (member price £20)

About this event

Ellie will give you information on how best to bridge the gap in development between where children are now and where they would have been if the pandemic hadn't happened. This is an extremely important subject as the effects of the pandemic on children's development will be long term and even unborn children will have been affected through the mother's experience of the pandemic. Ellie will also cover children's foot muscle memory that has been indentified in many children post pandemic.

Ellie has a B.Ed (Hons) in Lower Primary Education (3-7 years) and a M.Ed in Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties, both from Birmingham University School of Education. Her first seven years of teaching experience were spent within special schools, working with children with a range of severe to profound learning difficulties.

Topics covered

  • Some particularly key areas of development to support at this time in young children and in primary aged children
  • The importance of helping young children play to develop their vestibular system, core stability and foot development for strong emotional regulation, language and play
  • Your midlines - where they are, why they matter and what to play to help children in learning to cross them
  • The links between language, play, social development and emotional regulation - some practical ideas to increase your offer to your children
£35   (member price £20)