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Enhancing Practice with Hygge
Online session
Tue 23 Jul

Tuesday 23 July 7:00pm—9:30pm

This interactive, virtual training course is all about using the ethos of Hygge to enhance your provision and the opportunities for the children you childmind. This course will also help you to learn how to improve your own personal wellbeing through Hygge.

£35.00   (member price £25.00)

About this event

The mental health issues in young children are sadly rising. Therefore, it is so important that we support the youngest of children in our role as childminders to:

  • develop resilience
  • improve their knowledge of slowing down and experiencing joy in the little things
  • learn other skills that protect their emotional health and wellbeing

Where we work with older children, being able to spot the signs of poor emotional wellbeing and what might be triggering it, creating a safe space and providing support for both the child and their family and then working with them in an attempt to negate the triggers is so important.

We will teach you how to reflect on your current practice and move it forward. It is suitable for anyone interested in developing their work with children, keeping children in the centre of all that happens in the setting, for anyone who needs to rebalance their work and home life as well as streamlining the working day, making it more effective for the children whilst putting wellbeing and engagement at the forefront.

Topics covered

  • An introduction to hygge
  • Why incorporating Hygge into our lives is important
  • Creating an enabling environment
  • Understanding how invitations and provocations can support learning
  • The importance of a language rich environment
  • Developing effective continuous provision
  • Embracing nature / outdoor play
  • Understand risk benefit
  • How to measure the effectiveness of the setting for welling and involvement
£35.00   (member price £25.00)
Thank you, you have reinforced a lot of what I already do but also given me ideas to take away and work on! Enhancing Practice with Hygge course delegate