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Recording Children's Development Guide and Resource Pack (formerly Building Your Development File Guide)


This is a comprehensive guide to documenting children’s development which has a new look and has been updated to provide a more user friendly format than the former Building Your Development File Guide it replaces.

It includes information about the 7 Areas of Learning and the 3 Characteristics of Effective Learning.

As a childminder you need to develop a system which will help you to identify an individual child’s current development and learning and assess what they need to do in order to progress further.

There are many different ways that you can do this and there is no set format, but this pack is a suggestion as to how you may put together a paper based development record, which will help you to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework.

It contains various editable documents including examples of observation forms, 2 year progress check forms, parental contributions, sharing information with other childcare providers and much more, which you can look at and decide which suits you, the children and their parents best. Any of the documents detailed within this pack can be edited (e.g. by adding your logo) or replaced with an alternative from a different source if that works better for you.

This downloadable resource is included in the Childminding UK annual membership subscription.