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Proud Cloud – Celebrating a Child's Achievement

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This poster compliments our Wish Fish resource and can help aid children's well-being and sense of self-worth


About this resource

Children love to be praised and told that they have done well/tried well and that their important adults are proud of them or they are proud of themselves. It helps build their self-esteem and self-confidence. Having a visual reminder of those moments can help them to know they are valued and it can also be an exciting reminder for little ones to show their parents at home time.

Print Proud Cloud onto card or laminate it and display where children can see it. You can either use post it notes (which can later be put in their development file) or a whiteboard marker if your Proud Cloud is laminated.

It can be used in a variety of ways depending on the age and stage of development of the children:

  • You can add notes when you are proud of something one of the children has done
  • Children can either add or ask you to add notes if they have either done something they are proud of themselves
  • Children can either add or ask you to add notes when they are proud of something one of the other children (or even you) have done.

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