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Digital Learning Journey by Capture Education

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Childminding UK are delighted to be working with Capture Education to bring you this online learning journal to record and track the development of children in your care.

£50   (member price £40)

About this product

Capture is the engaging and secure way to manage children’s progress. It’s really easy to create reports, track achievement and plan for children’s ongoing learning. Capture also gives parents the ability to log in and catch-up with photos and videos of their children while they are with you. Capture Education have designed this digital learning journal to make building development files as easy as possible for you.

With Capture you can

  • Observe - Use any device to make observations ‘on the go’ and attach photos and/or videos, audio notes as you choose
  • Link observations to Early Years Outcomes
  • Record your baseline assessments when children first start with you
  • Track- Create powerful observation and progress reports/trackers to measure achievement and help with the child’s future planning and next steps
  • Engage with parents- celebrate moments of success, achievements and learning as you share observations, photos and videos with parents using the secure portal. Send messages and important notifications to parents. Parents can add their own observations too which you can turn into a teaching observation.

Why Choose Capture?

  • Discounts for Childminding UK Annual Members
  • Capture is the only digital learning journal with qualified practitioners amongst their team so it’s safe to say that they fully understand the work you do
  • Prices start at £50 (£40 per year with Childminding UK discount) per year for 10 children and raise in multiples of 5 children, depending on what you need.
  • Personalised set up and initial training so that you fully understand how to use the system in your setting. Capture will contact you by phone within 3 working days to get you set up.
  • Excellent customer support if/when you need it after initial set up
  • Works on any devise whether iOS or Android
  • Safe and secure system
  • Add any childminding assistants – observations will indicate who has written them
  • Produce termly reports for parents of child’s observations
  • Blog articles such as firework safety, top toys for child development, meeting the Capture team and guest blogs

Prices discounts automatically applied at checkout- (members need to be logged in to access discount)

Childminding UK Members £40 for up to 10 children Full price £50 for up to 10 children

If you have more than 10 children, please arrange the extra children with Capture when they set up your login. £7.50 for each extra 5 children added

When you purchase this product, please make sure you provide your name, contact telephone number and email address. Capture will contact you within 3 working days to arrange set up.

£50   (member price £40)