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Daily Diary


The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage Section 3.73 stresses the importance of partnership working between practitioners and parent/carer(s).

It is good practice to offer a daily diary to all parents at the beginning of a childminding arrangement and to provide it for as long as they find it useful. Sometimes, when children are big enough to tell parents what they have done and enjoyed, parents tell you they don’t need information written down too. It is perfectly acceptable to stop daily diaries in this situation. Daily diaries are produced in addition to the daily conversations you have with parents at the beginning and end of each day.

This easy to use Daily Diary gives parents the information about their children’s care and activities during the day. It complements the Development File you will also keep to record the learning and development you are observing in their child.

The form is designed all in black text with no images to save on printing costs for you. The part you use with parents is on page 3 so you need only print off as many of this page as you need. Or you can complete electronically and email to parents each day.

This downloadable resource is included in Annual Membership.