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COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Parental Agreement Pack


This COVID- 19 Risk Assessment and Parental Agreement Pack is designed to help you risk assess your childminding setting to take into account the measures needed to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus infection in your setting and make it COVID Secure. Childminding UK are providing these resources FREE OF CHARGE so that they are available to as many people as possible.

Risk Assessment Form

All childminding settings are different - areas of the house used, numbers of children cared for, members of the childminder’s family present etc. and the risk assessment is designed as a guide only which you can amend to your own situation, using the extra rows if needed. Remember that the list is not exhaustive, it is a guide written in line with the guidance at hand at the time of writing,

Please note: The Government will be issuing further guidance before June 1st and so this risk assessment will be amended if needed. If after working through this risk assessment, you feel that you are unable to put all the measures in place for the numbers of children you care for, you are permitted to put a cap on the numbers of children you work with initially.

The EYFS states in 3.64 ‘providers must determine where it is helpful to make some written risk assessments.’ Childminding UK strongly recommend that your COVID-19 risk assessment is written.

Parental Agreement Form

It’s really important that everyone involved in your setting is aware of their responsibility to take the recommended measures to prevent the spread of infection and keep everyone safe. This form should be used in conjunction with the COVID-19 Risk Assessment and should be signed by childminder, parents/carers and anyone else who works in your setting. Forms can be emailed and an electronic signature obtained to make it quicker and safer to share